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Dual Wire Feed Adapter

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Part # CEU00005612XXXXU

The Dual Wire Feed Adapter offers enhanced tolerance for poor part fit up and faster material build-up, making it a versatile addition to your welding toolkit.

The Dual Wire Feed Adapter allows simultaneous feeding of two wires into the weld pool. LightWELD's wobble features allows for simultaneous welding of both wires and the base material. Where weld certifications require larger fillet widths or radius, the dual wire feed adapter efficiently adds material without the need to make multiple weld passes, maintaining worker productivity and reducing overall heat input into the workpiece.


  • Dual Wire Feed Adapter
  • Wire diameter up to 0.063"
  • Twin Groove Weld Tip


  • Increase fillet dimensions
  • Increase tolerance for poor part fit up
  • Faster material build up

Note: requires two wire feeders or compatible dual wire feed unit.


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