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Load image into Gallery viewer, Gas Diffuser Lens Assembly - LightWELD
Load image into Gallery viewer, Gas Diffuser Lens Assembly - LightWELD

Gas Diffuser Lens Assembly - LightWELD

Vendor IPG Photonics
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IPG Part #: CEU00005459XXXXU

General Description:

The precision gas purge nozzle is ideal
solution for welders seeking to improve gas shielding
performance when welding materials sensitive to oxygen,
moisture, or other vapors or gases that may be present in the
atmosphere. Such gases can combine with stainless and duplex
steels as well as titanium, nickel and zirconium alloys forming
undesirable compounds that may lead to excessive oxidation or
structural defects in the weld joint.

Precision Laser Drilled Diffuser:

Based on a showerhead configuration, the (insert diameter) purge head features
thousands of precision laser drilled holes through a 2mm thick stainless steel diffuser. IPG’s unique drilling technology results in high hole taper that enhances flow through the showerhead while minimizing system backpressure. The result is homogenous gas flow across the (insert diameter) showerhead requiring no increase in supply gas pressure.

Easy to install, the head can be quickly disassembled if cleaning is necessary.

• Precision Showerhead Diffuser
• Wire Feed Capable
• Easy Installation
• Superior weld pool shielding -Excellent for Titanium and SS
• Reduced HAZ
• Improved weld quality

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